When I'm 64 ...

Sixty-four is the cusp of traditional retirement age. But 64 isn’t what it used to be. Baby Boomers are working longer and retiring later that previous generations. KCUR set out to capture some of the faces of 64 in metro Kansas City as part of our Aging In Place series.

Mayor Sly James

“I happen to believe that when you stop moving and thinking and working, then you start dying.” Read More

Linda Salvay

“I’m trying to make a career about all the other things I love to do but didn’t have time for.” Read More

Marc Inzerillo

“Work is called work, but as long as it’s fun to do and you’re enjoying the people you interact with, then I want to keep doing it.” Read More

Peggy Pape

“The reality of aging really never came to my mind until my mother’s passing, which was four years ago. My daughter the day of the funeral said, ‘You realize you’re the matriarch of the family now.’” Read More

Jon R. Gray

“When I think about retiring, I think about ... watching TV all day or trying to play golf every day. That’s not something to which I aspire.” Read More